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Wed Nov 9 09:19:30 UTC 2011

Hi All,

On Wed, Nov 9, 2011 at 8:49 AM, Eric Hedekar <afterthebeep at> wrote:
> Hey everyone,
Its not often I write to the list, so please excuse the intrusion :)

> I just want to put something into your heads and possibly either start a
> discussion on here, or in IRC over a group brainstorm.  A few people have
> talked about social integration on the new website but thus-far it's been a
> very vague suggestion.  I'd like you all to consider what level of social
> interaction A) you're comfortable as a developer interacting with the site
> B) what members of the community would expect or find useful C) should be
> avoided.

I think on a general level you probably want some integration with
facebook and g+ pages - probably postings to them the same as articles
on the site and so on.
> I've left participation to that of developers for now - I can imagine use
> cases where the community as a whole is more involved in the site, but I
> think it should be more of an 'official' site with connections to other
> arenas where community members participate socially (facebook, twitter,
> launchpad, wiki, etc...).

I think you need to make it mostly opt in - so have a feed of say
twitter/identica etc that filters by hashtag (#ubuntustudio?) So when
someone comments on ubuntu studio, you see it on the site.
> I'd love your feedback.  If you would like to just give me a personal
> boundaries e-mail directly I'm fine with that on this subject, but general
> topic discussion and suggestions should still be kept on the list please.
Hopefully Ive been a little helpful


> -Eric
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