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Eric Hedekar afterthebeep at
Wed Nov 9 06:49:50 UTC 2011

Hey everyone,

I just want to put something into your heads and possibly either start a
discussion on here, or in IRC over a group brainstorm.  A few people have
talked about social integration on the new website but thus-far it's been a
very vague suggestion.  I'd like you all to consider what level of social
interaction A) you're comfortable as a developer interacting with the site
B) what members of the community would expect or find useful C) should be

I've left participation to that of developers for now - I can imagine use
cases where the community as a whole is more involved in the site, but I
think it should be more of an 'official' site with connections to other
arenas where community members participate socially (facebook, twitter,
launchpad, wiki, etc...).

I'd love your feedback.  If you would like to just give me a personal
boundaries e-mail directly I'm fine with that on this subject, but general
topic discussion and suggestions should still be kept on the list please.

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