leaf/mousepad and saved settings/text editor needed anyway

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On Wed, Dec 14, 2011 at 12:26 PM, Luke Kuhn <lukekuhn at hotmail.com> wrote:

>  Text editors are NOT used only to edit system files! They open a hell of
> a lot faster than word processors and are all you need for such tasks as
> writing a news story, song lyrics, etc to be read out into an audio
> recorder.  I would consider a default disk with no text editor a nuisance
> for new users who expect one. Even Windoze has a text editor, though I
> don't know if it is installed by default.
> I've had good luck with leafpad in the past. It's fast, light, and works
> when updates are running and gedit is broken until Synaptic finishes. It
> opens much faster than gedit on netbooks, uses less CPU than gedit on
> everything, valuble if someone is, say  working on a soundtrack, adding
> voiceover, while a video editor is rendering on something like a
> single-core Athlon 64.
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> > > It's completely impossible that any distro will ship with perfect
> configs.
> > > E.g. not everybody has a RME card, hence it's ok that the first audio
> device
> > > entry for rtirq is snd. But what if you have several PCI MIDI
> interfaces
> > > connected and a PCIe card from RME?
> >
> > >From the UX point of view, the OS should detect your configuration and
> > choose the most appropriate default configs automatically. These
> > defaults probably won't work for everybody either, so there still
> > should be a better way than editing config files, e.g. a configuration
> > GUI. If your users have to manually edit config files, you're doing
> > something wrong. So shipping an editor is a workaround, not a
> > solution.
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don't worry, i'll be adding a text editor into the seeds in the coming
weeks.  this was just an oversight during the xfce transition.

also, i'll be sending out an email about a variety of other "typical" apps
that are not directly used for creating or editing audio, video, or

and would appreciate input.

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