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i'm unsure how to properly describe these applications, but the
applications i am discussing are the ones that would be included on a
typical desktop installation that would not be directly related to create
audio, video, or graphics.

but during the transition to xfce we have re-evaluated which applications
(like text edit, image viewer, etc) we are shipping with ubuntu studio.
after some research into what he have shipped previously, what xubuntu is
shipping, and what else is out there i have a set of applications that i
would like to use and get input from the community.

two things to keep in mind.  i think ralf said that we can't please
everyone, which is true.  also, since ubuntu studio is not directly a xfce
distribution we have the latitude to choose gnome apps over xfce apps.  in
this case, i have chosen what i think best serves our users and fits our

here they are:

text editor - gedit
image viewer - ristretto
pdf viewer - evince
audio player - audacious
video player - totem
file manager - nautilus
disc burner - brasero

a few caveats and explanations about the choices.

gedit was chosen because it's good and it includes coding functionality.

audacious has been our choice for a while because it doesn't rely on the
'library' mode to play a song.  this means you can check your latest remix
of your song easily by opening the file directly.

i really would like to move back to nautilus for the file manager.  tabs
are a big reason for this but i have also noticed a very frustrated delay
between launching thunar and seeing the window.  this transition might take
a few weeks simply because i have other changes to make and thunar is quite
invasively included in the xubuntu seeds and i want to understand the
changes i might make before doing them willy-nilly and breaking something

okay, i'd like to hear your input and suggestions.  if i do not receive any
input then this is what i will go with.  and remember, not everyone will be

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