leaf/mousepad and saved settings/text editor needed anyway

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Text editors are NOT used only to edit system files! They open a hell of a lot faster than word processors and are all you need for such tasks as writing a news story, song lyrics, etc to be read out into an audio recorder.  I would consider a default disk with no text editor a nuisance for new users who expect one. Even Windoze has a text editor, though I don't know if it is installed by default.
I've had good luck with leafpad in the past. It's fast, light, and works when updates are running and gedit is broken until Synaptic finishes. It opens much faster than gedit on netbooks, uses less CPU than gedit on everything, valuble if someone is, say  working on a soundtrack, adding voiceover, while a video editor is rendering on something like a single-core Athlon 64.

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> > It's completely impossible that any distro will ship with perfect configs.
> > E.g. not everybody has a RME card, hence it's ok that the first audio device
> > entry for rtirq is snd. But what if you have several PCI MIDI interfaces
> > connected and a PCIe card from RME?
> >From the UX point of view, the OS should detect your configuration and
> choose the most appropriate default configs automatically. These
> defaults probably won't work for everybody either, so there still
> should be a better way than editing config files, e.g. a configuration
> GUI. If your users have to manually edit config files, you're doing
> something wrong. So shipping an editor is a workaround, not a
> solution.

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