We've fallen, but we can get back up.

Seattle Chaz seattlechaz at gmail.com
Sat Aug 13 21:32:21 UTC 2011

Cory & others:

IMHO, Ubuntu Studio is the best overall product for showcasing the
creative power of linux.  While I appreciate Ubuntu's bi-annual release
cycle, the constant upgrades and enhancements have resulted in more
problems than they have benefits.  Thus, I have elected to stick with
LTS releases only.  I need stability far more than I need the latest
"shiny thing", so I happily utilize 10.04.x.

I fully support your initiative to fully develop the product for the new
desktop manager - although I was surprised to learn that the XFCE will
be the new platform.  I would have expected KDE or one of the various
"Mac" emulators.  Nevertheless, I look forward to upgrading to the next
version When It's Ready.

Thanks to you, the developers and contributors for a fun and functional
distro.  It is appreciated.

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