Audio/Video/Graphical Package Selection for Natty Narwhal

Benjamin Turner passionsplaydesign at
Thu Oct 14 00:36:49 BST 2010

I've been thinking a lot about what Scott has asked for in this e-mail.

For me, these tasks and workflows that we're asked to document for package
selection, point to the real potential for Ubuntu Studio.  In it's very
basic sense, Ubuntu Studio is simply a bunch of open-source applications for
multimedia creation.  The thing is, we've brought these various programs
together because we know how they work best together.  We have our workflows
and know when to use what tool for which job.  We can actually get the
'task' we have in mind done!!

So -- the main reason why i'm responding to this email -- While working on
the website re-vamp, I've been trying to pin down how the site should
function for the user.  These workflows we're making for package selection
can become really great content for the website, if we can only flesh them
out a little bit more.  I'm in the midst of writing down my process as it
relates to web design, but I'd love to see more of how people do the things
they do best, and in language that everyone can understand, even the
non-linux geek!

Respond if you have any interest in documenting these workflows, especially
gearing them for clear online content.

-- Benjamin
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