Audio/Video/Graphical Package Selection for Natty Narwhal

Benjamin Turner passionsplaydesign at
Thu Oct 14 02:52:57 BST 2010

Sorry, I should have posted the last email to the general list!

Anyway, I was wondering if the discussion has already happened in relation
to including KDE apps.  I know for me f-spot isn't up to the task of
maintaining my image collection.  It's a decent manager, but one that I
wouldn't describe as being a 'professional' grade.  There are a couple of
reasons for this:

1) When browsing a large image library (~10,000 images) f-spot seems to be a
bit slow in its response, while Digikam seems to be more snappy. (sorry for
no concrete data supporting this!)

2)  Digikam has a batch processing utility.  You can queue it up to adjust
all sorts of things like color, brightness, resize, crop, watermaking,
etc... and then let it go.  F-spot doesn't seem to offer this.

3) Digikam can view all sorts of file formats - everything from RAW(although
I'm not sure if you are seeing the 'real' RAW photo, maybe just a quick jpg)
to jpg as far as photos, as well as gimps native xcf, and even inkscape's
svg drawings and page layouts!

I understand that adding kde libraries adds a number of functions that are
duplicated in gtk libraries.  However, there are other pretty good programs
out there for KDE (K3b, Kdenlive)  So what do people think?

-- Benjamin
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