Audio/Video/Graphical Package Selection for Natty Narwhal

Scott Lavender scottalavender at
Tue Oct 5 22:34:07 BST 2010

Hello all,

Recently we have been begun reevaluating the audio, video, and graphical
package selection for Ubuntu Studio.  I think many would agree that some the
current packages seems disquietingly unfocused, unrelated or disparate, not
supporting any particular process or task.

For Natty Narwhal we would like develop a much leaner, streamlined, focused,
and useful audio, video, and graphical package selection.  And you can help
develop it!  This is your chance to directly effect the package selection
for Ubuntu Studio.

If you wish to discuss non-audio, video, or graphical packages, say Pulse
Audio or which PDF viewer is included, then please start another thread.
The focus of this email is for refining the audio, video, and graphical
package selection set only.

Our chosen methodology to effect this is to identify "tasks" and develop
"workflows" to accomplish the task.  Tasks are generalized objectives and
the workflow will then identify which applications are required.  Please
note that multiple, alternative workflows could be defined to accomplish the
same task and that multiple applications might be required for a particular

A very direct and simple taks might be to "Create a Poster/Flier".  The
associated workflow would be to start Inkscape, add graphics from the clip
library, and text as desired.  The application required would simply be
Inkscape.  While a more complicated, involved task might be "Recording Audio
with Plugin Effects".  The workflow would be to start jack and Ardour,
connect the audio input to the track in Ardour, add the LV2 plugin into the
track, and record the audio with the effect.  The applications required
would be qjackctl, jackd, ardour, and various LADSPA/LV2 plugins.

You are highly encouraged to participate by evaluating what is done,
correcting any definitive errors, adding alternate workflows, and adding
additional tasks and workflows.  You can find existing tasks and workflows
at the following wiki page:

I would ask that a few conditions be observed:
 * do not delete others work (this is highly important)
 * feel free to correct obvious errors, but respect differing viewpoints
 * provide alternate workflow if you have a different process
 * do not include partial or incomplete workflows

Partial or incomplete workflows will most likely not be considered.  We
should be striving to provide complete functionality.

The time frame to complete the initial selection will be before the end of
October.  This hopefully will provide time to update the seeds and
meta-packages so we can begin testing Natty with the new package selections
at the beginning of the release cycle.

I am excited about this prospect and I hope you participate to help make
Ubuntu Studio better.

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