Moving #ubuntustudio-* channels to #ubuntu-studio-* channels

Jussi Schultink jussi01 at
Sat May 8 08:54:49 BST 2010

Hi all,

I am CC'ing the IRC Council in on this.

Ive been mulling over this for a while, but haven't yet gotten to it. A long
time ago, it was decided that the ubuntu studio channels would move to IRC
Council coverage, and Joe would pass ownership along because he planned to
leave the project. (see meeting notes here:

As I am now on the IRCC, and the ubuntu studio channels are supposed to be
under our coverage, Id like to get that actioned. The IRCC is on the access
list currently, but only with +f, which in essence by itself is useless.

The second part of this is that sometime ago, it was decided to change all
the wiki references and other documentation references to Ubuntu Studio, not
Ubuntustudio. I cant seem to find records of this at the moment, but I guess
Ill find them eventually. (this is the way I remember it, so it is slightly
possible I am incorrect here, but please correct me if i am wrong).

That said, I would like us to move our IRC channels to #ubuntu-studio-* .
This would have 2 effects;

1. It would bring us into line with the rest of our documentation and naming
(see the mailing list naming for example)

2. It would bring us into line with the rest of #ubuntu-* channels (with the
exception of #ubuntuforums, but that is a special case) and also bring the
IRC Council governance in automatically, without further need for messing

It is a simple matter to forward the old channels to the new named one, so
any persons joining #ubuntustudio get forwarded to #ubuntu-studio and so on.
(we actually do this the other way around at the moment).

So I can go get this actioned if we have agreement on it.

What do others think?

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