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Wed Mar 10 16:27:17 GMT 2010

On Tue, Mar 9, 2010 at 3:01 PM, Fritz Meissner <meissner.fritz at>wrote:

>  Things like running JACK with pasuspend are the sort of "cleaning up"
> and integration work that I was thinking would take some time to work
> through. I had been thinking it would be best to wait for this to
> happen before starting testing, but I suppose that the sooner testers
> start checking, the sooner these things will be found and fixed.

I believe that qjackctl invoking pasuspender is an already established
mechanism and was implemented as far back as Hardy.  It is possible that
this has not/will not change until JACK2 is implemented but I don't know
this for fact.  I suppose it is equally possible that JACK will now pass
audio to Pulse Audio under Lucid.  But the last two sentences are both
speculative and not based on any tangible evidence.

I haven't talked directly at length to any Ubuntu Studio developers about
this, nor have I done any testing of my own.  I am hoping to start testing
the -generic vs. -lowlatency/-preempt kernels this weekend, which I will
prepend with a few rudimentary tests of Pulse Audio and JACK so I have a
better understanding of their audio integration state.

> Your comment about jack2 : is that something for the future, or are
> you saying that jack 2 is already in Lucid ?
> Fritz

JACK2 is not in Lucid.  I believe that JACK in Lucid is jackd-0.118.

Two of the Ubuntu Studio developers were discussing JACK2 the other day on
IRC.  The consensus was that JACK2 implementation would be for Lucid+1 (i.e.
the release following Lucid).

My guess is that the reasoning is twofold: it would be prudent to not
introduce to great of a change at one time and those qualified to address
any problems or bugs for JACK2 implementation is an extremely limited

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