Resignation from the UbuntuStudio project.

Chris Jones chrisjones at
Sat Mar 6 00:08:51 GMT 2010

I'm sorry to hear that the Ubuntu Studio Development Team is losing another
member. But yes, we are all understanding of life's great pressures to take
away the things among the free software development world that we have such
a passion for. I done it myself recently. Life got overwhelming and I was
unable to continue the several Linux Projects that I was running and working
on simply due to the unavailability of that little nasty that society refers
to as "time". But I'm still very much involved in the tux community. In
fact, I now run two tux distros and not just one!

SO what I'm saying is, just because a person leaves any given project, it
doesn't mean they're exiting the Linux Community for good, they are just
making a transition to a more suitable and manageable environment.

Sorry to here you're leaving mate. Cheers and good luck. And feel free to
send me an email anytime. ;-)

Chris Jones
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ABN: 98 317 740 240

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