Plymouth Splash for Lucid

Scott Lavender scottalavender at
Sat Mar 6 19:47:51 GMT 2010

First, let me apologize for any inaccuracies that I may portray, I assure
you they are because of my ignorance and unintentional.

Many are aware that Ubuntu is moving to Plymouth, which will be used in lieu
of the Usplash used previously.  Unfortunately, Ubuntu Studio does not have
a Plymouth theme at this time so I have been working to rectify this.
Unfortunately, the UI Freeze is already passed but hopefully given the
nature of the profound font/theme changes currently being experience in
Lucid, we may acquire an exception.

I have posted about this on IRC but #ubuntustudio-devel appears to be
scarcely attended during the weekend.  Hopefully the mailing list will fare

I have two themes "completed" currently, they are rough around the edges but
they prove the concept.  I have tried to avoid devoting too much time to any
one of them in order to get input from others so we can clean the rough
edges and polish one of them before Monday.

The first is representative of the existing Uplash from Karmic:

The second adds a rotating Ubuntu Studio icon:

The third, which I just realize how I can accomplish it, will be a spinning
icon, much like a coin spinning on a table.  Obviously, if I just realized
the methodology then I do not have an example to share, but I should
probably be able to knock on up this evening.

Now, I need your input on these.  Which one is preferable?  How can we make
it look better?  Does someone want to provide different graphics?  Would you
prefer the icon located somewhere else?  Should the font be smaller?

Please do not be too critical of the examples above as they are merely
proof-of-concepts.  Even the one that imitates the old Uplsash required
different methodologies and it wasn't one that I original thought I could

Any and all input, critique or advice is welcome.

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