List of Ubuntu Studio packages for making a live DVD ?

Emmet Hikory persia at
Mon Dec 14 07:33:23 GMT 2009

Cory K. wrote:
> laurent.bellegarde at> wrote:
> With another team, team have created a live DVD of Ubuntu
> Studio Karmic 32 bits (we can create also a 64 bits example).
> I've tested it this morning on a laptop with only windows XP pro on the
> hard disk. It's working perfectly.
> The reasoning for us not creating a live disk is 2-fold.
> Live disks do not preform well for audio. (our core audience)
> 2 more disks to test where our testing is already very poor.
> And a 3rd one, resources. ie: diskspace on Canonical servers.
> I will also say I'm generally against this. But if it happens after the LTS
> and is what people really want, I won't be a roadblock.

    As an alternative to the creation of a liveDVD, perhaps we could
document a procedure by which users could install to USB, to create a
portable distribution.  Yes this requires a fairly high-capacity USB
device, and yes, performance will be lower than with a proper
installation, but it would address many of the use cases for a liveDVD
(demos, quick-reboot software availability comparison, hardware
support chedk, using preferred tools on borrowed machines, etc.)
without quite as much overhead for runtime (no unionised filesystem,
no casper session, etc.), development (no ubiquity support, no
base-installer tweaking, no increased testing requirements, no
livecd-rootfs work, etc.), or hosting (no new images on the servers,
no additional load on livefs builders, etc.).

    Additionally, such a mechanism would impose only a small
additional support effort (how to install to USB, how to wipe an
installation off a flash device and return to convential FAT16), which
may allow it to be completed for the LTS.  I'm not sure if it is
current, but I know there was once similar documentation on the Ubuntu
Wiki regarding how to do that for Ubuntu Desktop (which I can't find
right now), so this might be a burden that can be shared generally
with the Documentation team.


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