List of Ubuntu Studio packages for making a live DVD ?

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Mon Dec 7 21:32:01 GMT 2009

On 12/07/2009 02:50 PM, Eric Hedekar wrote:
> laurent.bellegarde at>  wrote:
>> Hi all.
>> With another team, team have created a live DVD of Ubuntu
>> Studio Karmic 32 bits (we can create also a 64 bits example).
>> I've tested it this morning on a laptop with only windows XP pro on the
>> hard disk. It's working perfectly.
>> It could be nice to have this iso available for everyone, but we have a
>> trouble.
>> The guy who has created the live DVD has done a great job, but has
>> introduced severals packages which are very important for video editing
>> but cause some trouble of licence, as ffmpeg, mencoder, mplayer. So this
>> DVD is very powerfull because you can edit video in live which is very
>> impressive, but illegal in severals countries. I'm gonna complete my
>> tests, ardour is also compiled with VST support, and many non free
>> improvement are live available.
>> So where can i found the complete official list of ALL the packages free
>> included in the Ubuntu Studio karmic official DVD install disk to
>> compare to our beta disk, to create a new one as the official one but
>> live, without all forbidden packages  to allow everyone to download it ?
>> Is it allowed to create it ?
>> If not, we can create a one, based only on free software
>> included in Ubuntu Studio, in live and downloadable
> Hi Laurent,
> This is wonderful news, this is a feature request that we get on a regular
> basis from our users but the dev team is not experienced in the creation of
> LiveDVDs.  It'd be great if this effort could be moved into the Ubuntu
> Studio development process so that future releases have live capabilities.
> I'm CCing the dev list on this and I hope that the discussion continues
> there.  Please consider joining that list to facilitate the discussion
> there.
> To answer your question regarding packages, the full list of packages
> (including dependencies) can be seen at

I would say I'm not for this on a LTS release.

The reasoning for us not creating a live disk is 2-fold.

    * Live disks do not preform well for audio. (our core audience)
    * 2 more disks to test where our testing is already very poor.
    * And a 3rd one, resources. ie: diskspace on Canonical servers.

I will also say I'm generally against this. But if it happens after the 
LTS and is what people really want, I won't be a roadblock.

-Cory K.
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