Meeting on Sunday Nov. 8th?

Cory K. coryisatm at
Mon Nov 17 12:13:58 GMT 2008

Luis de Bethencourt wrote:
> Hello guys.
> I will be honest, I'm not happy of the lack of responses to this
> topic, and how it has gone cold.
> After taking a few weeks to relax after intrepid release, we need to
> have the meeting for the beginning of the jaunty release cycle. I'm
> suggesting this Sunday the 23rd, at what would be morning in America
> and night in Asia.
> Start thinking about topics to bring to the meeting. What can we do to
> improve? What can we aim for in this new release? Any new ideas? Any
> needed tasks?

Time is fine for me.

I don't think we should do anything revolutionary but, I was thinking of
getting nedco's JACK2 work in ASAP so as to get proper testing. If that
goes well, maybe it can be shipped.

Certainly get -rt in shape.

I also feel a good backports effort this cycle should be done.

-Cory K.

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