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On Feb 10, 2008 11:08 PM, Chris Garver <cgarver at> wrote:
> video tutorials are nice, but if youre gonna rely on youtube or googlevids
> to host, the resolution is always too poor
> ill take good solid illustrated documentation over video anyday... also,
> most every linux related video ive seen has very poor english, so theres
> that
> speaking of english, videos would be central to one language only... you
> cant use google or babelfish to translate a video :(

Something in the line of the screencasts alan pope does for ubuntu?
Why does this needs to be done by developers? I think it is a great
way for some expert users to contribute to the project. So if you know
yourself around ardour, gimp, blender, hydrogen, etc... please offer
yourself to do one of this.

I'm sure we can help you to get the technical side of doing a
videotutorial figured out quickly.

Any volunteers?

Luis de Bethencourt

> On Feb 10, 2008 7:49 AM, ciper lone <ciperlone at> wrote:
> >
> >
> >
> > Hello my friends! After chatting in the IRC #ubuntustudio I was invited to
> make a suggestion to the developers of ubuntustudio: to make some
> videotutorials.
> > As I experienced, videotutorials are an easy and fast way to learn a lot
> about a program. And I believe it's easier to make a videotutorial than to
> write one: all one have to do is to install a screencapture program, and
> talk to the microphone to explain what one is doing (or if one doesn't have
> a microphone, one can post-edit the video with text messages).
> >
> > I'm a newbie to linux, but I'm not a newbie to audio/MIDI related issues.
> I would like to help, but I'm just a starter to this journey of audio apps
> in linux...
> > What do you guys think of the idea? Please reply to my email. Thank you
> all.
> >
> > Have some good mixes ;)
> >
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