Mark Stuart Burge mark at
Mon Feb 11 14:57:26 GMT 2008

I can see pro's and con's to this, but one real benefit would be for end 
users to see how the developer uses an application. Often features that 
don't make it into the initial documentation can be revealed just by 
watching the developer go through the motions. After all, who better to 
demonstrate how to use a program than the person(s) who designed it.   I 
know, back in the day when I wrote some apps (albeit for windows) there 
would inevitably be some functions that went undocumented and got 
forgotten about.

I would love to see a program like Rosegarden demonstrated the way it 
was intended to be used.

However,  I would not want to burden the developers any more. They have 
given so much of themselves to these projects already.  Great work 
everyone and thank you.

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