Ubuntu Studio Involvement.

ttoine at ttoine.net ttoine at ttoine.net
Wed Nov 21 16:46:14 GMT 2007

Dear Ubuntu Devel Team,

Sorry not answering earlier to your mails, I was very very busy during
September and October.

Except that I miss time for being more involved for the hardy release, I
have several reasons that let me take a bit of distance of the project.

First, I disagree with the target user for Ubuntu Studio. Cory tell in
one of his mail : "Also think about who our target audience is. People
who have experience with Linux and multimedia production on it." I think
there is confusion between the current audience and the target audience.
64Studio is the distribution for experienced user about Linux multimedia
production, not Ubuntu Studio which seems more to be the first "look".
Just have a look at the 64studio users forum and you will see some
feelings and comments about that point. For me, we should focus on
people discovering Linux, have a "easy to use" mind for desktop, have a
live install dvd, etc... and perhaps do an install cd with only core
apps, letting the choice to more advanced users to install the apps thay
want, but with all the config tweaks done for Ubuntu Studio.

Second, the alsa-firmware package is not in Gutsy, and it miss a lot for
people who try it and see their sound card just don't work. I still meet
people asking "why do I still need the terminal to compile drivers?" See
the Medibuntu.org project, they will be glad to add restricted stuff in
their repository.  In the same kind of problem, If Pulse Audio is
becoming the standard for audio in Ubuntu, Ubuntu Studio devel have to
take care that it will still be possible to run jackd, otherwise their
will be a problem.

Third, I am now more involved in the french community, supporting users
on irc or by mail, and it takes a lot of time. I will do my best to make
some documentation, but I think I will first focus my time on Ardour2
"manual", and writing good doc in french because there is a lack. You
can see a good "resume" of the very important stuff to do and know about
hardware configuration and basics applications to have to record audio
at this url: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudioPreparation .
It is already linked on the Ubuntu Studio main page of the help wiki.

So, shortly, for Hardy, I can't spend time about decision, way to go,
etc... you know with that mail my feelings. I will see when Hardy will
be released what will be Ubuntu Studio, and decide if I spend time again
or not on the project.

But, of course, I will still be around, and still be glad to provide my
hardware for testing alsa, freebob, jack, etc... so you can be sure that
all is working well, as I did until now.

Best regards for everyone involved.


Cory K. a écrit :
> (I'm sending this again to make sure Antione gets it)
> Hello Antoine. (I sent this to both address I have for you in case 1
> doesn't work)
> Our team has returned from UDS-Boston and with that we have
> identified some things we need to take care of. Both technically and
> and as a team.
> We need to know what exactly you involvement is, because honestly, it
>  hasn't been anything except for some advocacy. (you presentation a
> couple months ago)
> At the start of the project (Feisty development) you were supposed to
> do documentation and testing. I think you have 1 or 2 things on the
> WIKI (rather small for being our documentation lead) and we've seen
> zero testing from you. Especially when we needed you to test disks.
> I've pretty much handled that myself sadly. :(
> So we need you to decide exactly what your involvement in this
> project is. We need people who are active and communicate regularly
> with us. Otherwise there's no need for a official connection to the
> team.
> So please give a hard look at your situation and decide if you can
> handle the responsibility of being very active in this project.
> -Cory

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