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Mon Apr 5 20:54:30 BST 2010


Hmm, I haven't noticed that not working and I haven't been able to find any
tickets about it.

Here's some html I cut in firefox, pasted to OpenOffice, cut again, and
pasted to Chrome. It worked fine, and that's pretty decent support, I think.

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Abiword eliminates the buttons on paste. Evolution accepted the paste fine,
but stripped out the buttons on cut from new message editing field.

Copying a png from firefox and pasting it into an application worked for
firefox (to gmail in another tab), abiword, evolution, openoffice, It failed
for chrome (to gmail).

I agree that gracefully passing around a variety of formats is important. It
doesn't seem to be a huge problem, though, and I'm not totally sure it fits
in the purview of this project. I'm hoping to come out of this summer's work
with a much better ability to tackle bugs in a wide variety of open source
apps, so this could be my next project to tackle.

Does that make sense?

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