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Sarah Strong sarah.e.strong at
Mon Apr 5 20:23:11 BST 2010

Hey, Tom,

What do you mean by supporting those formats? Most of the apps I listed are
text only - if I copy a png and try to paste it into a text field, what
should happen? Do you have a bug report describing the kind of behaviour you
want fixed?

Sorry for all the questions, it just sounds like an interesting problem I
know nothing about :)
Thanks for the info!

On Mon, Apr 5, 2010 at 2:59 PM, Ted Gould <ted at> wrote:

> On Mon, 2010-04-05 at 13:36 -0400, Sarah Strong wrote:
> > I'm a bit concerned that the overwhelming ubiquity of this bug means
> > maybe we should be tackling it by adding
> > glipper/klipper/parcellite/clipman to Ubuntu by default, instead. What
> > do you guys think?
> I think that fixing the Apps makes the most sense, and that also this
> kind of project makes a lot of sense for the Ubuntu SoC as it involves
> the integration of Apps (which is what distros do).
> I'm curious if it doesn't make more sense to instead of focusing on a
> large number of apps (in your plan 12 -- which seemed reasonable) in
> just getting the cut-exit-paste working to also focus on a set of basic
> formats.  Something like: all apps should support text, html and png.
> I think that if we could say that every app in Main supported
> cut-exit-paste and those three formats it would be a leap forward and
> making cut-and-paste actually work for most users.  I'm not saying that
> all Apps in Main should be one SoC though -- depends on how many are
> broken.
>                --Ted
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