Clipboard Improvements Idea

Ted Gould ted at
Mon Apr 5 19:59:39 BST 2010

On Mon, 2010-04-05 at 13:36 -0400, Sarah Strong wrote:
> I'm a bit concerned that the overwhelming ubiquity of this bug means
> maybe we should be tackling it by adding
> glipper/klipper/parcellite/clipman to Ubuntu by default, instead. What
> do you guys think?

I think that fixing the Apps makes the most sense, and that also this
kind of project makes a lot of sense for the Ubuntu SoC as it involves
the integration of Apps (which is what distros do).

I'm curious if it doesn't make more sense to instead of focusing on a
large number of apps (in your plan 12 -- which seemed reasonable) in
just getting the cut-exit-paste working to also focus on a set of basic
formats.  Something like: all apps should support text, html and png.

I think that if we could say that every app in Main supported
cut-exit-paste and those three formats it would be a leap forward and
making cut-and-paste actually work for most users.  I'm not saying that
all Apps in Main should be one SoC though -- depends on how many are


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