[Ubuntu-SG] Software Freedom Day plans

Muhammad Heidir dave33bravo at yahoo.com.sg
Mon Sep 7 01:34:33 UTC 2009

Hi all,

Thank you for your encouraging support!

I'll run down a few details:

1. Stickers on USB, I didn't mean to paste the stickers onto USBs. I meant to say, stickers can come handy if people want them. As for the USB bootable, in case someone asks for them, we can fix up for them on the spot(no need to paste stickers)...

2. Loong Jin, we rely on you to get the Internet shared connection. By the way, how many LAN cables do you have? Currently I have about 3 pieces.

3. The switch which I intent to bring has 16 ports. The router can always be connected to the switch or the other way round.

4. (Ho Yi Hao) Floor plan and event information: http://sfds.foss-alliance.sg/PublicExhibits
Our booth is at T12. You can hook with us there. We are friendly bunch of people. Just pop in and introduce yourself.

5. (Francis) Bring it on!

Current Logistics:
1x 22" LCD Monitor
1x 16-port switch
1x Router
4x LAN cable
2x Socket Multiplexer
1x USB Keyboard
4x Laptops (Lenovo Ideapad 3000 Y410, Lenovo X301, XPS M1330, Nick's)
1x Netbook (EeePC901)

Printed Items:
50x Canonical Leaflets
20++ Stickers
250pcs Handout Brochure
250pcs Guide Brochure
10+ posters

1. Billy
2. Nick HS
3. Heidir
4. Ho Yi Hao
5. Francis Bond
6. Loong Jin

We have 4 laptops and 1 netbook, is it possible for them to be assigned a specific task? In my previous email, I wrote that will be loading the netbook with Netbook Remix.

Just choose or suggest an item for the laptop.

1. Netbook - Netbook Remix
2. XPS - Ubuntu + Edu stuff and games
3. Frets on Fire (Loong Jin)?
4. Customised Ubuntu? Mac-a-like, Win7-a-like, funky-theme
5. Gaming? (Urban Terror) we can hook up 2 or more systems, any system actually, be it Windows or Linux and play online

Let's get the ball rolling people!

Best Regards,
Muhammad Heidir
Yahoo!: dave33bravo | Multiply: doksg

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> On Sunday 06,September,2009 11:57 PM, Muhammad Heidir wrote:
> > [...]
> > Sticker sheets. Are these the ones with "Powered by Ubuntu"? If they are, we 
> can use them if somebody asks us to do a bootable USB loaded with Ubuntu.
> Somehow I don't think stickers go well with USBs, though I think some people may
> like the stickers to stick on their notebooks (I have one stuck on mine, next to
> the Intel Cetrino Inside sticker).
> > 
> > You have a router, I have a switch. We really need someone who knows how to 
> configure my Wireless Broadband as a shared Internet connection. Anyone?
> I'm familiar enough with iptables/route/sysctl to handle that.
> > 
> > These are just my suggestions, feel free to comment and make changes.
> > 
> > Finally, we have to confirm with Billy, what are the total number of tables 
> and chairs allocated. If space is restricted, we might have to abandon some 
> stuff. But as always, the more, the merrier! I'm supposed to handle SFD stuff, I 
> apologise for planning too late. I have to get this on, before it becomes a 
> NATO(No Action Talk Only) event.
> http://sfds.foss-alliance.sg/PublicExhibits for reference.
> -- 
> Kind regards,
> Chow Loong Jin

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