Thursday Bug Triage Report

Lena Voytek lena.voytek at
Thu Mar 3 10:39:02 UTC 2022

Bugs last updated on 2022-03-02 (Wednesday)
Date range identified as: "Thursday triage"
Found 22 bugs

Most bugs were marked as fixed released, but there were a couple new ones:

LP: #1962733 - New [sosreport] - sosreport does not obfuscate a mac address
even with --mask is used

The fix for this seems to be underway upstream so I linked the GitHub issue
to it.

LP: #1962743 - New [freeipmi] - [BPO] freeipmi/1.6.9-2 from Jammy to Focal

Backport seems to be underway, subscribed ubuntu server

LP: #1962641 - New [qemu] - Unexpected disk writes when using -snapshot

Looked into the docs and this seems to be a known issue for specific
circumstances with removable drives. Let the user know and marked as
incomplete in case they have additional info or findings

No bugs showed up that have not been touched in 60 or 180 days..
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