Friday Bug Triage Report

Lena Voytek lena.voytek at
Fri Mar 4 09:50:29 UTC 2022

Bugs last updated on 2022-03-03 (Thursday)
Date range identified as: "Friday triage"
Found 10 bugs

Almost all of the bugs were either marked as fixed released or were marked
as incomplete, requiring additional info. There was one mysql bug - LP:
#1963278 - which was a duplicate of one of the two main bugs I am working
on, so I marked it as such.

1 bug was found that has not been touched in 60 days.

LP: #1618516 - Confirmed [byobu] - Byobu does not read aliases defined in
/etc/profile.d or in .profile

I left it as is because it is not a high priority for us and does not
require any new effort.

No bugs were found untouched in the last 180 days.
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