Second Hirsute Hippo test rebuild

Christian Ehrhardt christian.ehrhardt at
Wed Mar 31 14:51:50 UTC 2021

On Mon, Mar 29, 2021 at 9:32 AM Matthias Klose <doko at> wrote:
> The second test rebuild of Hirsute Hippo was started on March 25 2021 for
> all architectures, all components. The rebuild is finished for the main
> component, it's still running for the other components.
> Results (please also look at the superseded builds) can be found at
> Additional build failures for packages in hirsute-proposed (not yet in hirsute)
> can be found at
> Please help fixing the build failures.

as usual - thanks Doko for all that work!

As an FYI (mostly to avoid duplicate work) I wanted to let you know
that I've tackled a bunch of them for Ubuntu Server

# IPXE - reports "Disk full"

This rang a bell for me as not too long ago we had the same sysmptom fixed
Seems that wasn't enough, revisiting this I found more rounding issues.
Fixed in:

# DPDK - build time test fail on arm64

This is due to a change to the build environment, it worked before :-/
After discussing this with my co-maintainer we disable it on this architecture
(up until recently it was untested anyway). The coming 20.11.1 will be the
next upload (not much after the release of 21.04) and will contain that.
Actually we have everything together by now let me prep that for 21.04 before
release. So I started on that as well for experimental as the first step.
This builds in experimental now and can be synced tomorrow (as it would
be a valid SRU it is ok now as well and fixes the FTFBS)

# PMDK - broken by LTO

This is an issue due to LTO which was already identified when LTO was uploaded
in (seen in the
pre/post build lists)
It wasn't fixed or reported upstream as far as I could find, so I did that:

# Dovecot - build time tests are failing

Issues were around strstr and json parsing.
test-json-parser.c:161: Assert(#25) failed:
null_strcmp(json_output[pos].value, value) == 0
test-backtrace.c:20: Assert failed: strstr(str_c(bt),
"backtrace_append") != NULL
This came down to two issues.
On one hand a Debian delta no more works with glibc 2.33, that I've proposed
to Debian
The second case is due to the newer compiler toolchain.
Optimizations reorder a clear and the setting of a value essentially destroying
some numeric json parsing. The avoidance is a pragma around the critical code
dropping the optimization.
Reported upstream
After some back and forth and despite my first tries showing different results
this turned out to be LTO. Upstream is aware of it now and looks for the
underlying root cause. For now we will disable LTO on the dovecot builds.
The joint fix I proposed for Ubuntu 21.04

> Happy Easter bug/egg hunt, Matthias
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