Triage report (2021-03-29, Monday Triage)

Paride Legovini paride at
Tue Mar 30 13:42:48 UTC 2021

Found 24 bugs, as usual mostly already under control, reaching their 
final state or marked Incomplete with a request for more info.

One I find possibly interesting is:

LP: #1920808 - (New)            [chrony]         - ubuntu-20.04.2 for 
raspberry, updating and installing errors

The user reports that time synchronization doesn't work by default (= 
via systemd-timesyncd) on a raspi, but *does* work by manually 
installing chrony. I don't think we have a chrony bug here (or a bug at 
all, as otherwise all the Focal raspi deployment would be broken as they 
lack a RTC). However I'm curious to find out why timesyncd is not 
working in this case. I subscribed myself to the bug to keep an eye on 
it. Didn't subscribe the team.


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