Wednesday Triage Report (2021-06-09)

Bryce Harrington bryce.harrington at
Wed Jun 9 20:32:58 UTC 2021

On Wed, Jun 09, 2021 at 01:06:02PM -0400, Sergio Durigan Junior wrote:
> ustriage found 20 bugs.  These are the noteworthy ones:
> ### - (Confirmed) [clamav] - any local user can
>     shut clamd down via control socket
> Subscribed ubuntu-server.  The bug is very well written and the reporter
> is thorough and provides a possible fix for it.  I agree with Seth
> Arnold that this will need further discussions with Debian/upstream
> (systemd services...), so I left the bug as-is.

I set it to Medium priority and encouraged the upstream discussions.
It sounds like the issue here is just what the default configuration is
on first install, and esp. from Seth's commentary doesn't sound like
it's that severe of a problem.  Better to wait for a vetted patch from
debian or upstream.

> ### - (New) [genshi] -
>     /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/genshi/filters/
>     SyntaxWarning: is not with a literal. Did you mean !=?
> Triaged, subscribed ubuntu-server, but marked as low priority.

Fixed upstream in 0.7.3 and in debian with 0.7.4-2.  It needs this
trivial patch:

It's just a warning though, dunno if that's important enough for SRU.
(If anyone needs SRU practice, this'd be an super easy one.)

> ### - (New) [postfix] - bionic: postfix-dbgsym
>     package lacks DWARF information
> I helped the user yesterday on #ubuntu-devel and identified this
> problem, so it's obviously triaged, but it's low priority.  Subscribed
> ubuntu-server.

Given it's fixed in impish, it might be better to just mark it fix
released?  It seems quite unlikely we'd do an SRU of this (although if
there's a really straightforward patch maybe it could ride on another


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