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Wed Mar 4 15:45:12 UTC 2020

Synced again with Bryce and Rbasak on the php-trasks-of-the-day to help.
The following summarizes the work one and the state we left it so Bryce can
continue on it.

I've got quite some stuff done, but the very busy autopkgtest queue stalls
further progress right now


#1 PHPUnit test issues in proposed migration
- Upload phpunit and dependent fixes as identified by rbasak and me
  - Rbasak uploaded
  - Then later (Depending on the former) I uploaded
  - Depends on php-codecoverage and phpunit-global-state which after the
    efforts yesterday are both good to go (test-wise).
  - The next step would be triggering test cases with the right components
    Actually for a first shot let's use all-proposed=1 on those.
    But for now the tests are still running, need to wait for the results
first and then trigger those failing.

TODO wait for tests to complete the first time, then trigger the failing
ones wirth all-proposed (or global-state + php7.4 + phpunit + ..?)


- For bonus confusion there also is a rebuild of php7.3 ongoing at the
moment. Also php7.4 was rebuilt (due to the ICU transition)
  So test lists will be testing 7.4/7.3 stay sharp which one you actually
look at.
  @Bryce the intention is to remove 7.4 before Focal releases right?


#2 php-horde ??
- Look at php-horde-* if they need something
  Bryce asked for the following:
  - php-horde-nag
  - php-horde-mnemo
  - php-horde-lz4
  - php-horde-kronolith
  - php-horde-imp
  - php-horde-ansel
  - php-horde-text-filter
  - php-horde-mime
  => All of them passed migration, and the tests on php7.[34] are reset we
have to wait until those complete

Looking at these I found in update excuses that the following two are
hanging since 130 days. Mostly php and phpunit version issues - time to
re-test them with the new versions we have in proposed.
  - php-horde-icalendar
  - php-horde-image

TODO check new results once the new tests ran


#4 Check FTBFS of php-msgpack
  Upload was from:
  Breaks on arm64 armhf
  Failed: Profiling perf test. [tests/035.phpt]
  Didn't I fix or at least write about that test recently?
  Yeah I had done so in:
  I already had an analysis and a fix there.
  After asking for review I got by Rafael and then uploaded the fix.
  It built fine at

  @Bryce - that should properly build now and resolve whatever you wanted
to sove
  with the initial merge of that new version


#5 rebuilds for migration of php7.4
- Those are no-change rebuilds by Byce, check build results and migration:
  - php-cache-lite => build ok => still waiting in queue
  - php-db => build ok => still waiting in queue
  - php-text-password => build ok => fails with old phpunit, triggered with
new one
  - phpmd => wasn't uploaded! => last build on 7.3 at 2020-02-24 =>
uploaded it now
  - php-imagick => already built against 7.4 on 2020-02-28

TODO check results again later once the queue was drained

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