MIR or not to MIR (TCM or "LIO") tools

Christian Ehrhardt christian.ehrhardt at canonical.com
Mon Feb 24 15:59:32 UTC 2020

On Mon, Feb 24, 2020 at 4:28 PM Rafael David Tinoco <
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> > Also security needs to process all the extra packages in just three days
> -
> > unlikely right?
> Could it be MIR'ed as an exception after freeze ?

Yes that can happen, but it needs agreement like an FFe I guess.

Not trying to force, genuine doubt.
> >
> > IMHO while I agree It would be nice for 20.04 but if it is not doable in
> > time due to all these constraints it is ok as well to "just" target 20.10
> > with it.
> For HA it would be important to have LIO, instead of TGT, in 20.04
> because of SCSI 3 PERSISTENT RESERVATION support and the long term
> support we have for LTS.
> Some cluster environments, specially virtual ones not having many
> fencing agents, for example, have to rely in SCSI fencing, that requires
> SCSI 3 PR5 reservations, unsupported by TGT and watchdog devices to
> guarantee node consistency.
> > Please be on the same page with @Josh Powers <josh.powers at canonical.com>
> on
> > this as this will be quite an intense ride to be squeezed into 20.04.
> IIRC he said "as long as jamespage in on the same page", so I guess that
> I'll leave it to you both to decide. Let me know if I can help with it
> somehow, please.

Please identify which of the packages on that MIR bug need:
- MIR Team review (can do those)
- Security team review (assume yes for all that had no MIR review yet)

Then let Josh speak with Security if that seems doable as an extra
short-term spike.

> > P.S. FYI another reason in the past was maas but they are in a snap now
> and
> > use their "own" tgt, so no dependency to consider anymore.
> > P.P.S. have you asked (TBH I'd not know where) if some of our primary
> > charms might depend on tgt?
> Nice, I have thought about it but was uncertain why it wasn't important
> to MAAS currently.
> Thanks a lot for your input!
> - rafaeldtinoco

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