git-ubuntu 0.9.2 Released (snap edge only)

Bryce Harrington bryce.harrington at
Fri Feb 14 02:33:41 UTC 2020

This micro-release of git-ubuntu brings in several changes important on
the backend service.  This release is to enable rolling these changes
out into production.

There are no user-visible changes or bugfixes to the frontend, and so
we're publishing this to edge only.  If you wish to assist with testing
this release, it can be installed via:

   $ snap install --beta --classic git-ubuntu

Support for tracking multiple changelog parents addresses a long
standing edge case when importing packages that have a given package and
version string published via more than one source tree in Launchpad.
For example, when Debian and Ubuntu managed to publish the same package
version but with different deltas.  (LP: #1761332)

The recently added systemd service for the importer backend
unfortunately broke sending of diagnostic emails to the administration
team.  This release includes a fix for that and provision of additional
detail information from the journal log for importer faults.  See
doc/README.testing for details on this new testing capability.

A major improvement to git-ubuntu's self test now allows it to be run
against the snap installation.  Previously, one needed to build a new
snap package in order to run the self test.

Andreas Hasenack (4):
      Group and order my requested packages
      add isc-kea
      add ipmctl to the persistent memory stack
      Add nsscache, volatildap and vmem to the whitelist

Bryce Harrington (5):
      systemd: Fix journal output
      systemd: Define dependence on network online
      mailer: Connect and disconnect from smtp service when sending emails
      mailer: Avoid bytes->Text->bytes conversion on mail body
      version: bump to 0.9.2

Nishanth Aravamudan (1):
      importer: drop unused variable

Robie Basak (19):
      Collapse dual (un)applied code using an enum
      Merge branch 'applied-enum'
      .git escaping: fix test parameter comments
      .git escaping: add test for failing case
      .git escaping: fix failing case
      Add style notes on the use of xfail
      Add importer parent commit test for no parents
      importer: call using kwargs
      test_get_existing_import_tags: squash applied
      Add test: test_get_existing_import_tags_ordering
      Sort reimport tags before using them
      Allow for multiple changelog parents
      test_get_import_commit_msg: multiple parent case
      Generalise test_get_changelog_parent_commits
      Add multiple changelog parent tests
      Support multiple changelog parents
      get_changelog_parent_commits: use PatchState enum
      Add further docstrings and comments
      Merge branch 'xfail-style'

Scott Moser (1):
      Add support for executing self test in checked out tree.


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