Triage and Migration duty - Friday the 3rd of APril

Christian Ehrhardt christian.ehrhardt at
Fri Apr 3 08:05:50 UTC 2020

# Triage #

I got 24 bugs, of which as usual the majority were already under
control. A few needed minor status tweaks or quick triage.
The following two are worth to mention.

1773324 rabbitmq-server
An issue that is not too bad, but also not too hard to fix. This was
in discussion for a while about how exactly to fix it and now accepted
in Debian. Would be a candiate to push a focal fix now and consider
SRUs later.
Bryce is still assigned to it so I guess he'll do that small change later on.

1870340 freeradius
Request to sync a bugfix release, I evaluated it and agree, but it
will be the release Team that has to FFe ack it. I subscribed
ubunutu-server and myself so that we see it right once/if the
release-team acks it.

# Proposed migration #

Our list is comfortably small these days.

## RiscV

Most of what we see blocked today is due to adding RiscV which seems
not yet complete.

I yesterday had (and still have) issues with PPAs breaking on riscv
and tests not starting due to that. In a similar fashion I now see
nspr and ruby-defaults blocking in proposed migration on
unsatisfiable-depends to riscv.
This wasn't triggered by us, so I think we can let wgrant complete
what he is on and it will resolve eventually.

OTOH introducing that right at the time of "panic late minute fixes
for 20.04" will inhibit normal uploads a lot if they now suddenly all
have to build/test himself and all dependencies on riscv. Maybe Wgrant
can quickly explain how it is meant to work and provide an ETA when
everything is in place (I set him on CC)?

## PHP

Finally php-defaults 75 (that still is php-7.4 don't be confused by
the version).
All builds and tests are good, that is the removal of php-recode which
bryce was workign on already - so it should be mostly a no-op for us.

It is listed as "not considered" though but at the same time it is not
showing up in update_output.txt. Either it is migrating right as I
look at it or more likely just blocked by the beta freeze. I think we
can just wait for that one, it does not seem to need work from us

Christian Ehrhardt
Staff Engineer, Ubuntu Server
Canonical Ltd

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