Ubuntu Server Guide: call for content and reviews

Joshua Powers josh.powers at canonical.com
Fri Sep 13 20:06:23 UTC 2019

Thanks for taking a look at the new site!

On 9/12/19 5:44 PM, Doug Smythies wrote:
> Should we add a note and link to this new stuff from here?:
> https://help.ubuntu.com/index.html

Yes please. I filed the following to track that:

> The related doc team wiki pages will need updating.

If you can point me at pages, we can help out here as well.

> Is it possible to publish a PDF version of the serverguide?

I know we can do an offline HTML document, I will need to confirm about
PDF as well.

> It is not easy to navigate, both from within one page,
> wanting to go to the next page, and from the order of things on
> the navigation page [2]. For example. If I am on the Samba - file server
> page [6] and then want to go to the print server page. To me,
> the "Suggested Topics" area makes no sense.

I agree, that navigating between the Discourse pages is not
straightforward. Using the introduction page is what I have also found
to be the easiest mechanism until we have the new site up.

> At some point (typically around 21.10), the 20.04 serverguide will need
> to be split out as 22.04 specific edits need to be started. Won't we
> want something like we have now where "lts" or "stable" always points
> to the correct version of the web pages? Once 22.04 is released,
> then "lts" would point to that version and one would need to force
> "20.04" to get the older, but still active version. While not needed
> for two years, it should be planned for now.

I will need to confirm the mechanism that will let us do this. On other
sites [1] that use this same model they have the ability to show
previous versions.

[1] https://old-docs.maas.io/2.5/en/

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