Not able to boot a software raid installation - Ubuntu 10.04.1 i386

Andres Tarallo atarallo at
Mon Jan 3 00:16:06 UTC 2011

H!!! Happy new year !!!

I'm setting a software raid in a small home server, with an old dell
optiplex GX110.The installation goes smoothly,but I can't boot into
the system.

 I've installed two identical Hard Drives, both as primary drives in
the respective IDE controllers. There I've created identical partions
in each disk. One partition for /, the other for swap. After the
partitions were created I've made the MD devices, /dev/md0 is / and
/dev/md1 is swap. The installation continued loaded all packages then
installed grub. No errors till there. When I take out the installation
CD and go to boot the newly installed system I get:

Booting from local disk...
error: fd0 read error.
error: no such disk
grub rescue>

Any help will be appreciated, apologise poor English

Andrés Tarallo

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