Why choosing Ubuntu JeOS for Virtual Appliance ?

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I have actually used Ubuntu, Gentoo, and Red Hat in production environments.
All of them have quirks about each.

Gentoo is completely compiled from source.  So you may see a little
performance gain in doing that but the draw back is patching takes forever.
At the time I had a distcc cluster helping compile the code but even then
patching was taking way too long.  If you are running servers that don't
require 24/7/365 services and can spend hours patching, gentoo may be a good
option though most of the time this isn't the case.  Also when the emerge
fails (Gentoo update system)  it is up to the Gentoo community to help fix
these problems.  I have seen emerge fail a handful of times while apt-get
update/upgrade I have never seen fail.

Another thing I require is to have a local mirror for updating my servers.
Ubuntu/Debian are great about this because I can update the local mirror,
patch development and testing environments, test to make sure nothing
breaks, and then patch production.  Then repeat.

Red Hat requires subscription fees in order to update the servers. So I
don't believe you can actually run a local mirror.  I could be wrong but
since I don't want the companies I work for spending a fortune on operating
systems I use Ubuntu.  Another thing I really like is that Ubuntu has a
server edition while the default Red Hat installs include a GUI.  I never
need a GUI on my servers and I don't want the overhead of even running one
on my servers.  Yes you can remove the GUI stuff during the install but that
is why I love the Ubuntu Server edition. Just the minimum set of packages in
order to run the server efficiently.

Ubuntu server edition is such a great product for enterprise solutions.  I
have over 50 production servers and probably another 200 in testing &
development between Amazon EC2 and a data center I use.  Ubuntu Server
edition is certainly not a student/homePC os. I also absolutely love the LTS
(Long Term Support) editions.  Knowing I can focus on the services that the
server is running and know it will be supported for 5 years is so nice.

Ubuntu will be my choice for linux distro for the rest of my life.  Ubuntu
has done an excellent job.

On Sat, Jan 1, 2011 at 1:06 PM, Eliezer <eliezer at fullmetal1.dyndns.org>wrote:

> i would ask him to show me the differences between ubuntu and RH or SUSE.
> it's almost the same kernel and almost the same software.
> the only thing is that there are other people working on maintaining the
> release packages and other stuff.
> i must say that john  just kicked everything from your client words!!
> i had an thing with a friend at work about comparing gentoo and ubuntu on
> performance and scalability,
> if you want to take a system that works period you use ubuntu.
> if you want to start from almost scratch you will use gentoo.
> but just remember that every time you need to install new software or just
> update something you will need to recompile many things.
> and one of that major things about OS is that you can use and maintain it
> almost instantly.
> well my opinion
> On 08/12/2010 17:47, Loïc de la Goutte wrote:
>> Hi Everybody,
>> My company  provides a Virtual Appliance based on Ubuntu JeOS.
>> 1. Unfortunately, I am challenged by one of our customers who asks :
>> “Why did you build your  appliance on Ubuntu, as my vision is that
>> Ubuntu is considered on the market place more as a student/homePC OS
>> than an enterprise-OS as RedHat ?”.
>> I want to convince him that we have objectively done the good choice.
>> So, do you have such a white paper, that could lists :
>> - Key differentiators of Ubuntu JeOS ?
>> - VMware recommendation ?
>> - List of Enterprise-grade appliances built over Ubunto JeOS ?
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Regards from Paris, France.
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