Not able to boot a software raid installation - Ubuntu 10.04.1 i386

Benjamin Griese der.darude at
Mon Jan 3 00:35:32 UTC 2011


there seems to be a problem with your grub configuration.

It looks like grub has problems to load the /boot related files which are
misconfigured to be located on fd0.
Please boot into a live environment and check your grub.cfg and post the
approriate lines.

Something you should also check is:

Did you try to create a seperate boot partition on each disk which you may
want to mirror?
Are there any other disks installed besides your two IDEs?
And is the BIOS trying to load the MBR off of these disks which hold a
faulty config?

Summary: Please give us some more information.

Bye, benjamin

On Mon, Jan 3, 2011 at 01:16, Andres Tarallo <atarallo at> wrote:

> H!!! Happy new year !!!
> I'm setting a software raid in a small home server, with an old dell
> optiplex GX110.The installation goes smoothly,but I can't boot into
> the system.
>  I've installed two identical Hard Drives, both as primary drives in
> the respective IDE controllers. There I've created identical partions
> in each disk. One partition for /, the other for swap. After the
> partitions were created I've made the MD devices, /dev/md0 is / and
> /dev/md1 is swap. The installation continued loaded all packages then
> installed grub. No errors till there. When I take out the installation
> CD and go to boot the newly installed system I get:
> Booting from local disk...
> error: fd0 read error.
> error: no such disk
> grub rescue>
> Any help will be appreciated, apologise poor English
> Andrés Tarallo
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