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Wed Apr 20 13:28:16 UTC 2011

2011/4/19 Michael Terry <michael.terry at>:
> I get the sense that command line backup methods are thick on the
> ground.  Is there a backup tool that the Ubuntu Server project
> recommends?
> Is the program duplicity [1] (upon which Déjà Dup is based) well
> regarded in the server community?  I'm curious if there is any mindshare
> overlap at all.

I almost exclusively use Duplicity. I find its seamless integration
with GnuPG and cloud storage solutions (specifically Rackspace Cloud
Files (and hence Openstack storage) as well as Amazon S3) extremely

I used to use Bacula (and haven't completely phased it out anywhere,
but that's only due to lack of time, not missing functionality or
anything like that). I'd throw my backups on a server with lots of
space and then I'd run a script that would copy full volumes to Amazon
S3. Eventually, I got severely fed up with having to maintain this box
for temporary storage.

My only gripe with Duplicity is that it doesn't detect hard linked
files, but I hardly ever use hard links anyway. It's also worth noting
that even though duplicity is one of the very, very few backup tools
that *says* it doesn't support hard links, it's far from the only one
that doesn't actually support it. Many other backup tools are simply
blissfully unaware of this shortcoming in them.

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