Mark Foster mark at
Wed Apr 20 14:32:51 UTC 2011

On 04/20/2011 06:28 AM, Soren Hansen wrote:
> My only gripe with Duplicity is that it doesn't detect hard linked
> files, but I hardly ever use hard links anyway. It's also worth noting
> that even though duplicity is one of the very, very few backup tools
> that *says* it doesn't support hard links, it's far from the only one
> that doesn't actually support it. Many other backup tools are simply
> blissfully unaware of this shortcoming in them.

Since nobody has mentioned it I'll give a plug for Rsnapshot. It works
well for us backing up hundreds of Linux systems. It supports hardlinks
and even relies on them you might say...
"Using rsync and hard links, it is possible to keep multiple, full
backups instantly available. The disk space required is just a little
more than the space of one full backup, plus incrementals."

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