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Also, most recent Ubuntu releases support mDNS (as in Multicast DNS, similar
to Apple's Bonjour) and they so identify a fake network with the .local as
domain... Try ping your Ubuntu server from a Ubuntu client like this: $ ping
servername.local , and then, vice versa, from the Ubuntu server: $ ping

Not only it works for me with ping, regardless of the router or DNS
capabilities, but I can use every single protocol I have tried, from SSH to

Have in mind this will not make any sense to a Windows server or client, as
they understand the machines by the actual NetBIOS name... and probably the
domain, in some cases.

So, from a Windows machine to map a Ubuntu/Samba share, use the
\\SERVER\SHARE address... and from a Ubuntu machine o map a Ubuntu/Samba
share, probably \\server.local\share would accomplish the same

Also, check if there are any firewall rule to prevent your access, and that
the /etc/samba/smb.conf has the correct WORKGROUP variable set in all
machines se SAME Domain Name (if you are not using a Domain like in an AD
installation, the WORKGROUP will be the workgroup name... does that make any

One thing that will not work is the newer, flashier, homegroup... something
that just Windows 7 not members of office networks are able to access so far
(up to my knowledge)

2011/4/13 Arnaud Soyez <weboide at>

> 2011/4/13 bill bixby <phyremon at>
>>  i have been struggling for days with new ubuntu network.  cannot make
>> server or linux machines "recognize" each other.  1 windows machine shows up
>> on network but none of the ubuntu machines - including server.  have
>> loaded/installed many recommended programs onto server - am using samba on
>> all machines - and have read many many many forums and on-line help but
>> cannot figure out how to get server "recognized as the server" or for other
>> ubuntu machines to be "seen" on network.  lots of super technical help and
>> lots of how to install ubuntu server help out there but very little in
>> between.  could really use a simple step by step guide to getting a linux
>> network up and running.  not completely new to networks but am new to
>> linux.  the simpler the the better.  please help!
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> Just a tip..
> If you wish to accomplish this in a home network and without using samba,
> you need a router that supports receiving hostname from client machines
> (through the DHCP request). Most cheap routers for home networks do not seem
> to support that, I recently flashed my Linksys router with OpenWRT and I
> could ping all of my machines using their hostnames.
> I also noticed that some enterprise-level routers do not support this.
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