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Wed Apr 13 20:56:45 UTC 2011

2011/4/13 bill bixby <phyremon at>

> i have been struggling for days with new ubuntu network.  cannot make
> server or linux machines "recognize" each other.  1 windows machine shows up
> on network but none of the ubuntu machines - including server.  have
> loaded/installed many recommended programs onto server - am using samba on
> all machines - and have read many many many forums and on-line help but
> cannot figure out how to get server "recognized as the server" or for other
> ubuntu machines to be "seen" on network.  lots of super technical help and
> lots of how to install ubuntu server help out there but very little in
> between.  could really use a simple step by step guide to getting a linux
> network up and running.  not completely new to networks but am new to
> linux.  the simpler the the better.  please help!
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Just a tip..
If you wish to accomplish this in a home network and without using samba,
you need a router that supports receiving hostname from client machines
(through the DHCP request). Most cheap routers for home networks do not seem
to support that, I recently flashed my Linksys router with OpenWRT and I
could ping all of my machines using their hostnames.
I also noticed that some enterprise-level routers do not support this.
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