need help with new ubuntu server

bill bixby phyremon at
Wed Apr 13 20:43:02 UTC 2011

i have been struggling for days with new ubuntu network.  cannot make server or 
linux machines "recognize" each other.  1 windows machine shows up on network 
but none of the ubuntu machines - including server.  have loaded/installed many 
recommended programs onto server - am using samba on all machines - and have 
read many many many forums and on-line help but cannot figure out how to get 
server "recognized as the server" or for other ubuntu machines to be "seen" on 
network.  lots of super technical help and lots of how to install ubuntu server 
help out there but very little in between.  could really use a simple step by 
step guide to getting a linux network up and running.  not completely new to 
networks but am new to linux.  the simpler the the better.  please help!
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