[Oneiric-Topic] Must we limit ourselves to 1 CD

Pandu Poluan pandu at poluan.info
Thu Apr 14 03:04:50 UTC 2011

I've been following the discussion on what to include/exclude in the
Oneiric .iso, and a thought crossed my mind: Must we limit ourselves
to 1 CD?

I mean, yes not everyone wants to download a huge DVD .iso, but I
think downloading a pair of .iso's, 700MB + 100-something MB, wouldn't
be too much of a burden.

Of course, that begs a follow-up question: how to script an install
that needs to have one (or more) disc-swapping in the process.

(Of course, this issue is moot if the user chooses to download a DVD
.iso instead, but that's a different topic altogether)


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