[Oneiric-Topic] Must we limit ourselves to 1 CD

Fabio T. Leitao fabio.tleitao at gmail.com
Thu Apr 14 03:41:15 UTC 2011

I don't believe that is the case, though not so bad as an idea, it would be
far form an ideal... the hole point of the apt-get (.deb) is that its pretty
straight forward and easy to get updates OR complements.

Keeping the main system to 1 CD, but still usable, and quiet current, is a
major point on me (and many users) using Ubuntu, and not some distro that
may get to 7 disks...

But why do they need that many disks (and this could be only 2)... I believe
(please, no flame) they have an update hell and versioning nightmare if they
don'st ship it all integrated as a single huge solution... of course, this
is exactly not true for some other distros (again, no flames, please) which
might send as little binaries as possible and you pretty much have to
download every single source you need and compile (although this is pretty
amazing, and works almost every single time, and some claim end up with a
better tuned system, not something most Ubuntu users will want to try unless
really necessary).

The thing is, its good to be a middle way between other possible hells, even
if we are not really paradise for every single user out there...

And no matter how great the last release will be, I know for a fact that in
a coulpe of days there will be many upgrades and updates to apt-get for
(fixes, security, testing, whatever)

I would not encourage to create a precedent... specially one that sounds
unreasonable... removing GIMP a couple of releases ago was not a sin, and
the space got used by other cool stuff, and GIMP remained an apt-get away.

Some other ugly true about this is that in many countries (mine included) it
might be very difficult to download a huge file (like an ISO image usually
is), let alone 2 of them. For the users who can afford the extra bandwidth
and download time, the optional DVD if they really need to have everything
on a disk, could do the trick.

Well, my 2 cents. ;)

2011/4/14 Pandu Poluan <pandu at poluan.info>

> I've been following the discussion on what to include/exclude in the
> Oneiric .iso, and a thought crossed my mind: Must we limit ourselves
> to 1 CD?
> I mean, yes not everyone wants to download a huge DVD .iso, but I
> think downloading a pair of .iso's, 700MB + 100-something MB, wouldn't
> be too much of a burden.
> Of course, that begs a follow-up question: how to script an install
> that needs to have one (or more) disc-swapping in the process.
> (Of course, this issue is moot if the user chooses to download a DVD
> .iso instead, but that's a different topic altogether)
> Rgds,
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