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There are several variables in this but here goes:

KVM is a great community option which is widely supported and I would say is
your best option if you plan on Ubuntu being the host operating system.

Now that said VMware has several options, and is a very mature
virtualization technology. Wiht VMware server (The Free version you install
onto another operating system) has a few improvements of system resource
handling over KVM but it mostly shows through when running VM optimized
kernels and Windows Guests. However if you are talking about using ESXi
(another Free version from VMWare, but its own O/S) then My opinion is that
nothing out performs it in the VM World at this point.

If you want the free support and help of the Ubuntu community, (Which I
highly suggest), you should go with KVM on Ubuntu Server.


On Wed, Sep 2, 2009 at 11:50 PM, Midnite Mac (.com) <midnitemac at>wrote:

> Hello Everyone,
> My name is Michael and I have recently purchased a Dell PowerEdge
> (T105 AMD series). At this time, I have installed WordPress onto it.
> In addition, I have built my own personal foundation for my community
> project; 'BurbankLUG' at With that said, I am now
> looking towards setting up Virtualization... But now, after bringing
> up Virtualization? What should I use? As I have been doing some
> research... I am left with the following question? Which should I
> use......?
> KVM or VMware? And why?
> Thank you, All!
> Michael S. Mason
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