Michael Zoet Michael.Zoet at
Thu Sep 3 08:29:53 UTC 2009

> Hello Everyone,

> KVM or VMware? And why?

it depends on what you want to achieve. For VMWare there are several
products available and you have to say what product you want to compare it
to KVM.

If you want to use a freely available Open Source virtualisation you
should choose KVM. If you have more technical concerns you should know
what you want to achieve. For just virtualizing some servers you can
achieve this with most of the common virtualization software.

For myself I administer some VMWare Server servers, some Xen servers and
one KVM server. They all work great in their use cases and you can run
various guest OSs on them. But all three have advantages or disadvantages.
For myself I prefer Xen, because I have much more knowledge about it than
VMWare or KVM. But it is really nasty to get the Xen code in the Linux
kernel... I think that's why Ubuntu dropped support for it and I use
Debian Lenny as the virt host installation...

With KVM I had once problems installing a Windows Vista OS. It was awfully
slow and I never understood why. Sadly I had not the time to figure out
why and I had to use Xen...

The best way to know what virtualization you prefer is by trying out :-).

Hope this helps in some way,


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