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> Hello Everyone,
> My name is Michael and I have recently purchased a Dell PowerEdge
> (T105 AMD series). At this time, I have installed WordPress onto it.
> In addition, I have built my own personal foundation for my community
> project; 'BurbankLUG' at With that said, I am now
> looking towards setting up Virtualization... But now, after bringing
> up Virtualization? What should I use? As I have been doing some
> research... I am left with the following question? Which should I
> use......?
> KVM or VMware? And why?

there are lot of choice based on what you want to achieve.
I personally use OpenVZ (this is very simillar to chroot, but with better
security) and it work great. Other tools that i use is VirtualBox and Xen.

If you are looking at running few guest operating system and its hydrid
(linux and windows), Xen is first preference for me. On the other hand if
you just want to test few guest, easy start would be VirtualBox.

I suggest you read more about Virtualizationhere

detailed list of linux Virtualization technologies is here

- sree


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