Jaunty server refuse connection on all ports after 10 min running

Laszlo Antal lzantal at gmail.com
Thu May 14 18:35:04 UTC 2009

On Thu, May 14, 2009 at 11:23 AM, Imre Gergely <gimre at narancs.net> wrote:

> Laszlo Antal wrote:
> > I have connection to the internet on the server. The only thing comes to
> > my mind is that somehow the network card would
> > go to somekind of power save mode? Not sure how to test it.
> > After reboot everything works again for the same amount of time.
> If you have console access to the server after it stops accepting
> connections, maybe you should try a tcpdump on the interface and then
> trying to connect with ssh or something, see if any packets come in.
> After that maybe try an ssh to localhost from the console. How is the
> network configured, from /etc/network/interfaces, or with NetworkManager
> (if you say you installed ubuntu-desktop on it) ?
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> Hi Imre,

I will try ssh to localhost. I can not ssh into it from an other pc after it
stops accepting connection.
I removed NetworkManager and installed wicd. All my other servers have the
same setup.( I need gnome for nomachine ssh client)
The IP is static, after every reboot ifconfig shows the correct IP and it
has internet access.
Thank you for the advise I will try the ssh into localhost.

Laszlo Antal

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