FreeIPA for Ubuntu, actions taken in Launchpad.

Mathias Gug mathiaz at
Mon May 11 20:10:02 UTC 2009

Hi Miguel,

On Mon, May 11, 2009 at 10:03:48AM +0200, Miguel Pérez Colino wrote:
> I did some work related trying to bring FreeIPA to the Ubuntu world.
> FreeIPA is a project to get Identity, Policy and Audit integrated and
> easily available.

Thanks for looking into this issue. Identity management has been a topic
of discussion in Ubuntu for some time now and freeIPA is definitely one
of project to look at.

> Some [needs-packaging] bugs were created:
> * FreeIPA:
> * SSSD:
> I'm trying, right now, to get SSSD packaged but I'm finding some
> Samba-libs dependencies problems.

All of this looks good. There will be several discussions at the next UDS
in Barcelona related to this topic:


Trying to get sssd packaged is one of the first step and will be
discussed in [2]. Having your feedback on the blockers for this is
definitely welcome. Other components of FreeIPA will be discussed during
other sessions mentioned above.

Mathias Gug
Ubuntu Developer
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