FreeIPA for Ubuntu, actions taken in Launchpad.

Miguel Pérez Colino jabali.feliz at
Tue May 12 09:17:00 UTC 2009

> Hi Miguel,

Hi Mathias,
first of all thanks for your answer.

[... snip ...]
> Thanks for looking into this issue. Identity management has been a topic
> of discussion in Ubuntu for some time now and freeIPA is definitely one
> of project to look at.

I came to it following the Netscape Directory Server (NDS) from which
the Fedora Directory Server (FDS) derives.
I've had the chance of working wit NDS _some_ years ago, and found it
a really nice piece of software and engineering.

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> All of this looks good. There will be several discussions at the next UDS
> in Barcelona related to this topic:
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]
> [4]
> [5]

I'd love to go there since I first saw it was going to happen in Spain
(I do even have family there, in Barcelona)
I'll talk to my boss to see if I can attend but I find it very
unlikely to happen.

> Trying to get sssd packaged is one of the first step and will be
> discussed in [2]. Having your feedback on the blockers for this is
> definitely welcome. Other components of FreeIPA will be discussed during
> other sessions mentioned above.

Main issues are around the samba libs needed: "talloc", "tdb",
"tevent" and "ldb".
I already posted a couple of bugs to handle this:

Both of them were discussed in the "freeipa-devel" list, and came out
with their support.
They are also trying to correct some issues to make SSSD more "debian-friendly".

Whenever I find more info, I'll try to share it here and in the
FreeIPA packaging team within Launchpad.

Thanks once again,


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