FreeIPA for Ubuntu, actions taken in Launchpad.

Miguel Pérez Colino jabali.feliz at
Mon May 11 08:03:48 UTC 2009

Hi Everybody,

I did some work related trying to bring FreeIPA to the Ubuntu world.
FreeIPA is a project to get Identity, Policy and Audit integrated and
easily available.
As the project is sponsored by RedHat, uses Fedora Directory Server
(which comes from the old and nice Netscape Directory Server) and has
already pacakges for RHEL, Fedora and CentOS.

Please, take a look:

This are the actions I've taken. (Keep in mid that the main focus is
to get FreeIPA packages for Ubuntu).

Some [needs-packaging] bugs were created:
* FreeIPA:

Some compilation problems bugs also:
* tevent:
* ldb:

A FreeIPA team and project for packaging were also set up:
* Team:
* Project:

... with some related resources:
* Package Archive:
* Mailing List: freeipa at
* Blueprints:

I'm trying, right now, to get SSSD packaged but I'm finding some
Samba-libs dependencies problems.
Please, feel free to join the team.

Best regards,


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